Romaro Wedges Ray SX

RomaRo in Japan is well known for producing quality products using only the best materials combined with outstanding design.  The company survived the long global recession while maintaining market share in Japan as a top 5 component brand but just recently numbers were announced showing a big jump to tie for first place.  These numbers don’t take into consideration the sales of the newly released TYPE-R so to say the least now is a very exciting time for the company.

The Type-R is spot on.  The entire series is based on making clubs that look good to the better player yet pack more forgiveness and RomaRo also claims that not only are the Type R’s easier to hit but they also have a more penetrating trajectory equalling more carry & roll in the woods.  In this post I wanted to highlight a product we first hit back in February but has just been released recently.  The Ray SX I-S Sole.

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