Maruman Utility Vanquish VR

Head Structure of Utility

The VANQUISH-VR exclusive head brings out and maximizes potential ability of golfers whose head speed is low to mid. The COG is lowered by the thinnest top design. The toughest Maraging Steel, which has gained its reputation through MAJESTY Iron, is applied to the face. In order to lower COG further, Double Tungsten Weight is applied to the sole, adding to the feature of increasing the initial velocity of a ball besides high trajectory due to high launching angle and optimal spin.

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Product Description

High Quality Shaft

Light weight New Balance Shaft is combined with sufficient stiffness for 46inch shaft and repulsing sensation, improving swing speed easily.





●Material/ High-intensity Carbon + High Repulsing Carbon + Nickel

Coat Carbon Fiber + Fullerene Carbon

●Color/ Triple Wine Gradation