Fourteen Irons TC777

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Product Description

The deeper center of gracity provides proper balance in the club, making it easier to swing and fostering better distance control with each shot. When paired with the wider sweet spot, your chances of hitting the green go up and your scores can go down.

What makes it work:
There’s a lot of science that goes in to ensuring that our irons perform their best, and the TC777 Forged series is no different. It’s the result of a meticulous balance between loft, shaft length and club speed. Thanks to volumes of research and countless tests, each of our shafts has been selected to precisely match the loft of its club. As a result, we’ve engineered a club that is built to produce greater distance control and better accuracy.

With a semi goose neck shape, the club head is slightly offset, and the top blade is slightly thicker, enabling you to address the ball with confidence.