Fourteen Irons TC 530

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Product Description


Soft iron forged wide sole design Fourteen’s engineers purposely made the club sole wider for the longer irons in the set in order to get the most out of each iron in the TC-530 series. With the wider sole design, golfers will be able to confidently and consistently produce phenomenal shots out of any lie. sole-design144x137
Soft iron forged low CG design Out of all our soft iron forged iron sets, the TC-530 has the lowest CG placement, allowing for a powerful high launch at impact. The CG depth is placed deeper than usual so golfers with a head speed of 38-42m/sec will be able to hit the ball with the right timing to produce a higher launch and consistent, targeted iron shots. CG-design150x158
The 0.55 inch length difference between each club We have elongated each club by 0.55 inches, with our P/A iron as the base iron. Shorter irons are easier to control compared to middle and long irons, which require faster swing speeds. In effect, we wanted golfers to be able to gain their confidence just as if they are hitting each shot with a short iron. This 0.55 inch idea will allow for less miss-hits and more consistency.
Head specification Golfers with a head speed of 38-42m/sec will absolutely adore these specs. The sweet spot has been widened on the TC-530 compared to previous iron models and it features the precise CG distance and MOI for golfers with these swing speeds. Not only do these irons feel amazing through impact, but they will really generate consistency for each hit. Fourteen TC530 Forged Irons