Fourteen DJ-22 Forged Wedge was designed with soft feel and control in mind.  It has a new design that easily flows across any surface and a head that can easily be opened up for those soft landing approach shots.  It can be found already in play by some of the Fourteen staff professionals.

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Product Description

Features and Technology

- New Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum steelForged head for consistent soft feel that is storng against wear and tear.
- New wide sole design to flow smoothly across any surface, especially soft sand and rough.
- Long neck design with a rounded head that is easy to set up to.
- Slight offset design to help square the face on full shots.
- Unique cavity in the head to produce weight distribution that promotes stability at impact.
- New deeper grooves and spacing between grooves to maximize spin out of any lie.
- New precision milled face that takes 2x longer than the normal to produce the most consistent spin control performance.