Romaro Fairway Wood Type R Ray

Romaro Sports introduces the 2013 Ray Forged Type R Fairway Wood.  Like the other Type R line of clubs, it is made to satisfy the need for more forgiveness without loosing any playability for the average players.   Like the original Ray V, it features a forged titanium cup face with a stainless steel body construction.  It is designed for maximum feel and workability.  It has the same basic shape as the previous model which has been a very popular choice.

Product Description

The Ray Forged Type R features a slightly lower center of gravity than the previous model to accommodate the feedback it got from the average players that it was not as easy to get up in the air as they wanted.  Along with the lower CG, the size has been increased slightly to add a little more room for misses across the face.  It still features the variable face thickness design where the thickness of the face is thickest towards the center.  This allows well struck shots to be rewarded with excellent feel.  The expanded sweet spot produces a smooth energy transfer with very little vibration. The interior of the head features a “Harmonized Fin” which is a special unit that helps absorb vibrations at impact to create a consistent feel.  The head also features an Hexagon shape weight (5grams) that is set in the rear of the sole.  This helps in keeping the center of gravity low and the MOI deep; adding forgiveness to this popular design.

The face angle is square, making it very easy to align and work the ball in both directions.  This is very appealing to the better players, but the new Type R is easy enough to be handled by the average player.