sword sniper v

Katana Sword Sniper V

Katana Golf NEW SWORD SNIPER V series fairway wood only (# 3, # 4), original carbon, graphite design shafts

Product Description

Treme from 3 line 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, AW, AS, SW 11 books.

All P6 ‘ swing in the same rhythm, same time. “Based on the concept developed
A natural flow of head shapes, because the feeling when you address the unity, in the sense of all he good at Club swing then exit.
Also stuck in the designed function of each without compromising the unity of the full set.
The coast of 7-AW 5-piece set.
3, 4, 5, 6, And AS the SW will be considered separately.

No.7-SW is designed as a hybrid iron accuracy and control of.
People are afraid of iron, ハイブリットアイアン l of each distance difference than it is.

Of course distance UP is a seal of approval.
No. 5, 6 covers normal # 3 and # 4 iron distance with utility shape.
‘ No. 2 flew on the hand “and use comfortably even in kindness an overwhelming of the utilities are afraid of long iron.

Also experience ease of Rose Bowl, hugs a good distance performance FW with FW harmonic design 3, 4, and shallow shape head.
No. 3, 4 not to say things on the SNIPER V SERIES No.5 P6 is very suitable for travelers looking for the FW, good ball get caught using sniper G driver user