Maruman Fairway Wood Royal LV

Optimal COG design for an ideal trajectory through the adoption of innovative Triple Unit Structure.

Product Description

Linear stiffness distribution and light weight low torque design for shaft


Full bending shaft with reduced torque, for a steady swing path and pleasant feel.

* Maximizing advantage (Accelerating swing speed)
Linear stiffness distribution accelerates head movement with its wholly smooth whipping.
* Eliminating disadvantage (Stabilizing head motion)
Optimized head movement by enhancing shaft whipping and torsional stiffness.



A:tendency to whip partially

B:less tendency for using excessive strength in grip
(2) Reduction of partial whipping contributes to a smooth swing and head movement acceleration.(1) With Low kick-point clubs, which are common in the latest long shaft clubs, it is possible that the user holds the grip unnecessarily tight, leading to a club swing without physical rotation.