Maruman Fairway Wood AR Series i4000AR

Experiencing the Driving Trajectory

High launching and low spin are materialized due to a lowered COG.

The backside structure of Honey Comb Face improves the repulsing performance.

Product Description





Tremendous Swing Through Sensation, Reduced Friction between the Sole and Fairway, by Razor Furrow Sole (FW type) Design

The new sole design, with which the ground contact area of large sole is greatly reduced so the directional stability is also enhanced .




Unparallel Nice Shot Ratio by SHUTTLE Large Head

Wide area, which is brought about by large MOI exceeded 4,000cm2.





The Easiness to Hit and Address

Short Wood is featured with the easiness to hit and address for FAIRWAYWOOD and UTILITY, respectively.

Hit the Green Precisely with its Blade DesignSince:

The blade design on the top facilitates to hit the green;The address feeling for short wood is greatly enhanced; andSecured face height forgives different hitting points from various lie angles.

Forward Neck Design Enhances Strong Trajectory and Controllability

Therefore,A large COG angle spoons ball easily; and A short COG distance improves controllability, which forgives down blow shot.