Maruman Fairway Wood AR Series i4000AR ii

Catching up with the Pros could be much easier.
SHUTTLE A – the ACE for all everyday Golfers.

There is a significant difference in 3-Woods aimed at professional golfers and the ones that bring the best performance for amateurs. Specifically designed for average golfers, with its large head, deep COG, round sole and confidence-boosting appearance the SHUTTLE series delivers maximum playability and distance performance.

It is impossible for amateur golfers to imitate the performance of one of the top pros. However, there is one club for us every day golfers, minimizing the gap in distance performance. Don’t just go after numbers and fads – find the right golf style just for you.

Getting the ball in the air easily and farther than ever before, this Series offers salvation to all average golfers.

Product Description




– For an improved swing-through Sensation


Introducing the SUPER ROUND SOLE, which improves directional stability by reducing the arch from toe to heel. With the application of the new sole design, friction around the ball impact area is drastically minimized, realizing shots at maximum speed.

Moreover, the STEP BACK SOLE trims the rear side of the sole in three steps, largely reducing the sole’s ground contact area. As the result of the above features, MEGA SHUTTLE ACE realizes a smooth swing-through regardless of ground conditions.



Custom 465 Cup Face



As face material, high intensity stainless Custom 465, known for its high COR, is applied. The face design with its Cup Face and the Honeycomb Structure on the backside (thinnest part 1.6mm), has realized the widening of the high COR face area.  This material can not only be thinly trimmed but also brings about an exhilarating sound.

Custom 465 contributes to forgiveness of off-center hits, excellent feel and stabilized distance performance.

*Cup Face: W2-W7


Directional Stability through MEGA MOI


Driver Class MOI exceeding 4,000g-cm², forgiving off-center hits and realizing stabilized distance performance and directional stability.



Leading Edge Design

– For further improved swing-through Sensation


The leading edge angle is designed according to club number.

Long: Lifting the ball

Short: Iron-like use