GelongD CT214

Our GelongD CT214 is designed to go long, relying on a layered cup face to help you generate monster drives. From the length of the club to what we refer to as the “spring-like effect” values, we’ve pushed the boundaries on each component of this driver to add length and bolster performance. Now, the energy transferred from the power of your swing efficiently funnels into the ball at impact.

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Product Description


Face: 6-4 Titanium (Cup Face); Crown: BF-11 Titanium; Body: BF-11 Titanium; Neck: 3-2 Titanium


MD350jd graphite shaft: available in Stiff (S), Stiff Regular (SR), Regular (R), and Regular-45grams (R45 light)

Loft 9 10.5 11.5
Lie 59 59 59
Head Volume 450 450 450
CG Height 21.8 21.8 21.8
CG Distance 38 38 38
CG Depth 38 38 38
MOI (g·cm²) 4000 4000 4000
graphite shaft
Club Length (inches) 47.75 46.75 47.75 46.75 47.75 46.75


Club Weight 307g 306g 306g 306g - -
Swing Weight D8 D3 D8 D3 - -
Shaft Weight 60g 60g 60g 60g 60g 60g


Club Weight 303g 302g 303g 302g - -
Swing Weight D7 D2 D7 D2 - -
Shaft Weight 55g 55g 55g 55g 55g 55g


Club Weight - - 298g 297g 298g 297g
Swing Weight - - D6 D1 D6 D1
Shaft Weight 50g 50g 50g 50g 50g 50g


Club Weight - - 293g 292g 293g 292g
Swing Weight - - D6 D1 D6 D1
Shaft Weight 45g 45g 45g 45g 45g 45g

*R45 (Light) available upon special order from Japan


The secret to success.
Every element of the CT214 is geared to yield greater distance through a high energy efficiency process. Even with little power and a slower swing speed, the GelongD CT214’s combined factors offer an increase in the ball’s initial velocity:

  • A high-performing club head with the ultimate sweet spot
  • Club length as close as possible to its legal limit
  • A high-performing shaft that facilitates greater club head acceleration
  • Coefficient of restitution (COR) settings as close as possible to its legal limit

What makes it work:
While the club head itself pushes the legal limits for COR, the CT214 also features a layered cup face that offers a wider sweet spot, producing longer, more powerful drives. When paired with our MD-350JD graphite shaft, the end result is one of the premier drivers available on the market today.

The shaft features both low and high elastic materials, which provides optimal flex that suits your particularly swing speed.