Maruman Driver Vanquish XR

Adoption of Super438FG-X, a face material produced through High Precision Round Bar Hot Forging


Forging from a round bar ensures an exceedingly higher precision processing than through general hot forging, cold forging or casting and realizes a design just within the permitted limitations.


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Product Description

Partially Trimmed Structure for VANQUISH-XR Driver

Widening of repulsive area within the limits of rule conformity, based on Maruman’s FEM analysis. Further widening from upper toe to lower heel, matching the average distribution of hitting spots.

New concept shaft, powerfully whipping without excessive motion

1.Linear stiffness distribution design

Underlining the advantages of a long shaft club, the wholly whipping stiffness distribution results in a powerful ball flight.

2.Whipping without excessive motion – GI/EI ratio optimized design

The patent pending innovative GI/EI ratio optimal design – the ratio of GI (torsional stiffness) to EI (bending stiffness) – assures powerful whipping without excessive motion.

By raising the ratio further in comparison to ROYAL-LV, this shaft is also suitable for golfers with a hard swing. The torque for R Flex 45g lies at 3.7.