Maruman Driver Prestigio VIII

Powerful Low Liner

Three points that realized the longest distance ever in the past MAJESTY history.

1. Innovative Head Structure realizing the ideal Liner Trajectory

2. LV Shaft Design established in SUPER7 and advanced in PRESTIGIO Ⅷ

3. Head Form and Hitting Sound inspiring comfortable Address and powerful Image

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Product Description

Innovative Head Structure realizing Linear Trajectory

【1】MAJESTY Series unique Triple Unit Structure is implemented for head structure. Utilizing the advantages of this innovative structure, even with a deep face design the COG stays low.

Through head specs that reduce excessive ball contact, a strong linear trajectory is realized, which defies windy conditions and adds even more run distance.

【2】Implementation of SPIDER WEB Structure* on the backside of the face realizes weight reduction and widening of repulsion area

*「SPIDER WEB Structure」 is gathering attention of studies conducted at numerous prestigious Universities.

Application studies in construction are also carried out for its mechanical superiority.

2.0mm area constitutes 37% of the total area.

SPIDER WEB Structure implemented on the backside of face